Google Search Now Offering Location-Personalised Results On Tablets

Many sites (including Google) use your location to make results on your smartphone more relevant. Google says it has now tweaked its systems so that feature works on tablets as well.

Google revealed the change in its monthly update on changes to its back-end search systems:

For a while you've had the option to choose to get personalized search results relevant to your more precise location on mobile. This month we expanded that choice to tablet. You’ll see the link at the bottom of the homepage and a button above local search results.

As with most location-based options, I'd expect you'll get better results if your tablet has a 3G SIM rather than when you're using Wi-Fi. As with most things Google, it might not show up immediately on your device. If you do see it, tell us how it works for you in the comments.

[Inside Search]


    If your sitting in a coffee shop; planning your next move, how can you do better than WiFi location? Do you need your precise position of your table.

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