Google Maps For Android Will Soon Be Available Offline

Android: You'll soon be able to preload Google Maps on your Android phone and save on your data allowance, according to an announcement today by Google. Offline Google Maps means you can navigate when travelling abroad or get directions when you don't have reception.

With GPS, you'll even be able to track your location on the map via a blue dot and see the compass.

The maps should be large enough to cover a metropolitan area and also show you detail down to the street level, according to The Next Web.

The next version of Google Maps for Android should be rolling out in the next few weeks worldwide.

The Next Dimension of Google Maps [YouTube]


    Ummmm this has been available for a very long time.

    I always pre cache maps before trips. Better than a tom tom or any other of those GPS units.

      I've found that Maps caching doesn't help the Navigation app.. It doesn't do auto re-route without data connection for example..

    As always with Google "a few weeks" can be anything from "a few years" to "never". I'm still waiting for Google+ migration tool promised to be ready in a "couple of weeks" 7 months ago.

    Map image caching has been available for some time (over a year) if they're bringing off-line directions as well, that's a great next step.

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