Google Maps Available Offline For Android Phones

Google just released an update to its Maps app for Android, providing offline access to whatever maps you may want on hand.

Google's offline access supports over 150 countries, and can store up to six large metro areas (like greater London, Paris, or New York City and surrounding area) on your device for access when you don't have a connection. It's great for those times you're stuck in an area with no service and need to navigate home, or if you're travelling overseas and don't have an international data connection.

GPS will still work without data, since it's a separate connection, and you can navigate yourself anywhere within that saved area. The new version of Maps also has a smoother compass mode in Street View, for devices that have the feature available.

Maps is a free download for Android devices.

Go Offline with Google Maps for Android [Google LatLong Blog]


    Is this different from the caching that's available in the labs setting? Allows you to cache a 10km square of your map centred on wherever you like.

      Don't quote me on this, but I think it's a progression to a full feature out of labs.

      Most notable difference after 30 seconds playing with it, is that it lets you select the area to cache. I just downloaded the entire greater Sydney area, somewhere around 40km to a side.

    Welcome to Ovi Maps circa 2008... oh, except you can't search without being online. Hm. Maybe Google still has some way to go. I guess at least you can scroll around the map smoothly! :P

      So go get yourself a circa 2008 Nokia? LOL

    As a delivery driver who uses his phone as his GPS and is on contract with Vodadone, I attest that this is the best thing to ever happen EVER.

    I am super jelly of this function. How big is the surrounding area considered though?

    I mean I only typically lose reception when I'm outside of Perth proper so it'd be nice it was say a radius of 100km or so.

    I have cached at least 60km before when it was still an option under Google labs. I could be wrong but I assume it will cache as much as you dare

    When Google updates details on its maps and those maps happen to be ones you have cached will the cached maps be automatically updated?

    I managed to save Mumbai - Pune area, it's road distance is 200km or so.

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