Google Map Maker Coming To Australia Soon

The Google Maps team is having a busy day. As well as getting ready for offline map options, the crowd-sourced Google Map Maker feature, which lets people submit corrections to maps to enhance their accuracy, will also be hitting Australia in the near future.

Map Maker has existed since 2008, but was initially only used in countries where Google didn't have any map data. Now it's being expanded into countries where Google has licensed existing maps but wants to enhance them. Map Maker rolled out in the US back in April, and is hitting South Africa and Egypt today. Australia (and New Zealand) will get the option in "the next few weeks". It has already been used in Antarctica:

The never-ending quest for the perfect map [Official Google Australia Blog]


    About time! I've been waiting for this for years.

    Will finally be able to take out all of those fire tracks Google Maps sees as roads and tries to give people directions down.

    this is a grate, being a delivery driver finally add in all those new housing subdivisions and take out random roads that never actually exist

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