Google Chrome For Android Leaves Beta

Google Chrome For Android Leaves Beta

Android: There’s nothing major to announce in the latest version of Google’s official Chrome browser for Android, but today it is finally finally out of beta.

The stable release is available on 4.0 and later releases:

The Chrome team is happy to announce the first Stable Channel release of Chrome for Android. 18.0.1025123 is now available for download on Google Play and in the Google Play Store on your mobile devices, on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, or later.

The release squashes a few more bugs but doesn’t add anything of note, aside from a few user interface adjustments and better support for tablets.

Chrome for Android [Google Play via Google Chrome Releases


  • I’ve been loving Chrome on my phone, but it has seemed remarkably crashy on my unrooted Transformer tab. Hope this release improves performance.

  • I was using dolphin on my xoom tablet before chrome came out then i changed due to the syncing of bookmarks i found it was a little more speedy and over time has become just as stable, i wouldn’t say it’s any better but if you use chrome on the desktop some of the syncing features are unmatched so worth a look at.

  • I used the beta about a week ago for 5 minutes and after leaving it, proceeded to use up two thirds of my battery in about 2 hours while I had my phone in my pocket.

    that better be fixed…

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