Google+ Adds Tablet Apps, Photo-Rich Event Creation

Google’s social network Google+ gained a few upgrades today at Google IO, particularly in the form of native tablet apps for both Android and iPad and in how you participate in events. The tablet apps are essentially larger versions of what you’d find in Google+ on your smartphones but with support for larger screen sizes, including the new iPad’s retina display). Android users get the update today, but iPad owners will have to wait until it comes “soon.”

Google+ also added a new Events feature today, offering integration with Google Calendar. You can now create events on the social network, invite your friends, and have those events show up in your calendar when you join them. Photos can be added for an extra visual kick, and if you put your phone in ‘party mode’ then it will upload any photos you take directly to that event. Friends can also add pictures, and events won’t require a membership to Google+. You’ll still be able to invite via email address — Google+ will simply provide additional features to those who use it.

The upgraded interface from the tablet apps is also being rolled into the existing smartphone versions. Once again (and unsurprisingly), Android updates are live now, while the iOS version will be updated “soon”.


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