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So you've got a job interview in the near future. Congrats! Prepared as you may be to deliver all the right answers, sometimes it's just good to get a sense of the rules. Having been through the horror of the job search process as both an applicant and as a recruiter, analyst Elisabeth Fosslien offers these helpful visual guidelines.

I was recently asked for interview advice.

  1. These are guidelines and examples. Don't repeat them verbatim. Do I have to say this? Maybe. Contrary to what a lot of people seem to believe, interviews are not a time to spew a bunch of jargon and formulaic crap. Be smart, be honest and be yourself, because those BS answers you think I (the interviewer) can't see through? Surprise! I can.
  2. I am not going to cover industry-specific questions. For example, consulting likes to ask additional questions such as how many NOUNs are VERBed in GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION per UNIT OF TIME. iBanking likes to throw out letters like DCF and WACC. For those of you "interviewing" at "hip" firms with "startup" cultures, be prepared to answer "out-of-the-box" questions like "What food would you suggest our in-house chef prepare for lunch today?"****

Have I disclaimered myself enough? Probably not.

Interview Objective: Join the 180° Club

What You Hopefully Did Months Ago

Because I GUARANTEE This Will Happen Before Your Interview

What You Should Do Leading Up to the Interview

What You Should Bring

The Suit

This is Not a Party

"Fashionably Late" Does Not Exist

The Handshake

How Enthusiastic You Should Appear

Question Category Overview: What I (the Interviewer) am Really Trying to Figure Out

Tell Me About Yourself

What are Your Strengths?

What are Your Weaknesses?

Your Phone

Describe a Time You Had Difficulty Working with a Coworker.

What Was Your Biggest Mistake?

Describe Your Ideal Workplace

What Do You Know About this Company?

Why do You Want this Job?

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Lunch: Price Considerations

Lunch: Limit Your Pickiness

Lunch: Appropriate BAC Level

Lunch: Very Important Additional Consideration

What to Remember Regarding a Thank You Email

****Dear hip firms/startups, the sarcastic quotes are merely jealousy. For the record, I apologise. Also for the record, I like grilled cheese sandwiches and banana strawberry smoothies.

Get Hired [Fosslien]

Elisabeth Fosslien, an analyst at the ad agency Leo Burnett, turns data into art and observations into charts on her website


    Great post. I've got a phone interview soon and this well help a great deal!

    Women need to be covered to the wrists? Really? We can't wear a cap-sleeved shirt/dress/whatever?

      In a corporate environment where a man would be expected to wear a suit-jacket to an interview then yes, a woman should be covered to the wrists.

      The general rule is that you should wear to an interview one level above what you would be expected to wear to work if you get the job. In many corporate workplaces, women (and men) are not allowed to wear a sleeveless dress, making cap-sleeves the minimum standard. To go one level above that for the interview you need to wear sleeves.

    your a couple weeks late, i already got the job and put my resignation last friday :P

    Got hired today woohoo! Totally wanted to tell him all my weaknesses, but he never asked /sarcasm

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