Get 11 Awesome Mac Apps For $US50, Including Screenflow And Parallels

We've had no shortage of Mac software bundles this week, and they've actually been some of the better ones we've seen. MacUpdate's June 2012 bundle offers 11 discounted Mac apps for $US50, including our favourite screencasting app Screenflow (normally $US100) and the great Windows virtualisation app Parallels (normally $US80). That already justifies the bundle, but there are nine other great apps too.

Here's what you get:

  • Parallels Desktop 7 - Our favourite virtualisation app for Mac — especially if you're running Windows
  • BusyCal - An incredibly feature-rich and powerful calendar app
  • Screenflow 3 - Our favourite screencasting app for Mac that also doubles as a great little video editor
  • Civilization V - The latest instalment of the popular strategy game series
  • Jaksta - Easily capture internet video and audio content to your hard drive
  • Espionage - Simple data security and encryption for your Mac
  • Speed Download 5 - A powerful download manager
  • Attachment Tamer 3 - Gives you greater control over attachments in Apple Mail
  • KeyCue 6 - Provides an on-demand overview of keyboard shortcuts for any app
  • A Better Finder Rename - Powerful file organisation and maintenance, with unparalleled renaming tools
  • My Living Desktop 5 - Turns your desktop into a moving, living environment

There are two things to note about this bundle: if you're looking to buy Parallels or Screenflow at a discount, you're already getting a great deal. They're both really awesome apps, and $US50 is less than their original price in the first place. If you want both, the deal is even better. A Better Finder Rename, Speed Download and BusyCal are a couple of the other apps we've used and liked as well. Some of the others, such as KeyCue and Jaksta, while useful, are a bit overpriced in our opinion. Nonetheless, there's very little in this bundle that isn't helpful, and it's definitely worthwhile if you want Parallels and/or Screenflow.

MacUpdate June 2012 Bundle [MacUpdate]


    Why does an Australian tech website have a story list all it's apps in the currency of another country instead of our own currency? You could at least have translated it into Australian currency for the story's title!

      Well if they did that it would be a different amount tomorrow, and a different amount depending on what service/bank you use to pay for it. It will always be US $50 but many things dictate how much that will convert to in australian dollars. Also, in case you haven't noticed a lot of these stories are ripped straight from the US lifehacker.

    What's a good (legal) source of Windows? I only need Windows every now and again and Parallels has always seemed like a good option, but I've never found Windows at a decent price when it's a standalone new installation and you're not upgrading or buying a PC with Windows bundled on it.

      I have tried a whole different range of ways to get windows 7 (pirated or legal) over the last 12 months. But i've found that the only failsafe way to do it is to go and buy it. More expensive when you own a mac cos its not just a simple upgrade package. Having said that, if you install a pirated version of windows 7, you can 'upgrade' to a legit version which saves $100 on buying the full product. but i did that from a pc that had Vista installed originally, so i don't know how it would work on a mac.

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