Ford Could Make Logging In Less Painful

Chrome: Ford KeyFree is a Chrome extension that automatically logs into your Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts when your phone is near your computer, and then logs you out when you walk away. It’s made by the car company, and it looks awesome.

The extension, which isn’t yet available to download as far as we can tell, allows you to approve your phone as a key (using Bluetooth) to your Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts; when your device is in proximity of your computer, you’re logged into those sites. When you walk away, you’re logged out. It’s bizarre that it was made by Ford (apparently an attempt to promote keyless entry in their cars), and it’s potentially great.

But the idea is far from brand new; in 2007 I walked through how to automate computer actions using your location and your phone’s proximity to your computer. Unfortunately Home Zone (the app that made it all happen) is no longer available. But now that we’re all carrying Bluetooth-capable devices everywhere we go, the whole idea of keyless entry into your most-used websites seems pretty ripe.

Who knows, maybe LastPass or 1Password will be inspired to integrate a similar feature. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for Ford’s (bizarre) experiment to hit servers again.

Ford Schools Apple With Clever Phone Login App…Wait, What? [Fast Company Design]


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