Flipboard Officially Arrives For Android, Offers Magazine-Style News Reading To All

Flipboard, the social newsreader that made waves for its magazine-like design and layout, finally emerged from beta today and is now available for all Android devices. An unofficial APK has been available for those people willing to sideload it, but now you can snag the app completely for free over at Google Play.

Most of the changes to the app through the beta have been under the hood to improve device compatibility and stability. The app itself looks just like its iOS cousin, and much like did back in May. Once installed, you can build your "magazine" by selecting the topics you're interested in, like technology, science, sports, and world news. Link Flipboard with your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Google Reader, or Flickr accounts so the app can see what your friends are reading and sharing on those networks, or log in to your Flipboard account (free and optional) to sync your magazine settings across devices.

The official launch also introduces more featured publishers into the fold, and the Cover Stories section distills all of the day's news to just the top stories being shared by your friends. If you read a story you like and want to save, you can save it to Instapaper, Pocket, or Readability. There's even a homescreen widget for quick access to the app.

What do you think? Have you been in the Flipboard beta, or did you snag the APK the last time we mentioned it? Perhaps you've been using it on iOS? Let us know what you think of today's launch — or how the app is working for you — in the comments below.

Flipboard [via Mashable]


    And apparently my Transformer running ICS is not compatible. Another Android fragmentation fail.

    I've been using the iOS version on my 4S for a while, when the xdadevelopers obtained and made the app available I grabbed it for my Sony Tablet S as well. It's not ideal for tablet use as it forces orientation and does it in an upside down way which makes holding the teardrop shaped tablet S a pain, Also when flipping a page with your right thumb you tend to turn on the favourite star a lot... but on an Android phone these niggles would be moot.

    Works pretty well on my galaxy s2. Also think developers website specifically states android version intended for phones only not tablets ...

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