Fix Firefox’s New Tab Thumbnail Security Flaw

Fix Firefox’s New Tab Thumbnail Security Flaw

Reports have surfaced suggesting security concerns with Firefox’s new thumbnail display for recently-visited sites. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to work around.

As The Register notes, thumbnail images can display information such as email subject lines or banking details which you might not want to see after closing a tab. Mozilla is working to fix the issue in a future release, but if you don’t want to wait, you can disable the option.

Computing weblog GHacks notes that you can access the configuration settings by typing about:config in your browser’s address bar, finding the preference named browser.newtabpage.enabled, and then changing the value from true to false. This will disable the thumbnail new tab page and instead display a blank page.

Ghacks has two other ways to get around this security issue; hit the full post for more details.

How to turn off Firefox’s New Tab Page Completely [GHacks Technology News]


  • Firefox just fails me now. It use to be cool till Chrome came along, but now its bloody annoying with its frequent major updates and it crashes just as bad as IE now. I’m starting to get use to Chrome now and I enjoy it more because of how all your plugins are tied to your gmail account and automatically install on whichever computer you sign into from, and it never has crashed on me yet.

    • Yep. Firefox rapidly adopted the Microsoft mantra -” if some is good, a lot must be really good”. Bloated, slow, buggy and drowning in useless features. Currently, even the latest version of IE is a better experience.
      I use Chrome because I could see the writing on the wall for Firefox.

  • I would like to add that there is another way to make this change and it is good for the people who don’t wish to delve into the guts of firefox. on the new tab page in the top right there is a picture that looks a bit like a grid. by clicking it you can quickly change the new tab page to a blank page. enjoy

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