Experiment Shows Searching Google Is More Effective Than Using Siri

Experiment Shows Searching Google Is More Effective Than Using Siri

Siri can be great for hands-free use of your phone, but a recent experiment by Apple Analyst Gene Munster shows that if you can use your hands, you’re better off just typing your search into Google.

Siri’s more than just a voice-activated search engine — it can find movie showtimes, Yelp reviews, and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, those things can also muck up your search results a lot of times, since Siri often gives them precedence, even when the question you’re asking doesn’t match the situation. For example, if you ask about when a movie came out, it’ll give you a movie theatre search instead, or asking about an upcoming event (like Haley’s Comet), Siri often searched your own calendar for meetings. Google gave the correct answers.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should discount Siri altogether. Instead, learn which things Siri is good at and user her for those things if you want to — but for now, Google is probably a better go-to option. Hit the link to read more about the experiment. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it does bring up some interesting points about where Siri’s faults and strengths are.

Minneapolis street test: Google gets a B+, Apple’s Siri gets a D [Forbes]


  • Reading this, I just think about the past, I mean google has had around 10 years to get their stuff straight which theyve done really well, and apple’s only spent a year or so on it, we shouldn’t be expecting much from something thats classified beta software as well.

  • We shouldn’t be expecting much? Siri was THE draw card of iOS 5. You should be asking yourself, “if I am paying for this, why am I willing to accept crap and make excuses for it?”

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