Easily Transform Your Handwriting Into A Font

Perhaps you're putting together an invitation or poster and want to give the typography a more personal touch. Not a regular occurrence, but there's something appealing about digitising one's handwriting, if only to preserve it in electronic form for the ages. Fortunately, you don't need to be a designer to translate your scrawl into reusable pixels.

MyScriptFont makes the process straightforward. First, you have to write individual letters and characters down on a PDF template, which you then upload in PNG, JPEG or TIFF form — a nice touch that saves you having to redo the PDF with PDF Creator or a similar tool.

You can name your font and specific an output type. This will usually be True Type, though if you need Open Type, or even SVG, those options are available too. The last step is to hit the "Send file" button and download the result.

Be sure to let us know how you go... and don't be afraid to share your newly digitised handwriting.

Make a free font from your own handwriting [CNET]


    That's the rest of my weekend sorted. <3 you LH.

    That is tres cool...

    That's really cool!
    After you upload your handwriting, don't be disillusioned by the example it gives of what your font will look like (it looked really fake for me); once you download the file and install it and try it out on word it looks really good.
    Thanks Logan!

    Love it. My handwriting is pretty bad these days.

    I did the same thing a year or two ago using www.yourfonts.com .

    Really used to annoy my boss that I could fill out and sign documents at work without printing them. If he hadn't been such a jerk, I would've told him how.

      +1 for YourFonts. Their form seemed a little more tolerant of hanging letters, and even had a spot for your signature. I too can sign documents without printing ;D

    I should have done this years ago. Great tip.
    I did end up using a free font editor called Type Light (http://cr8.netfirms.com/typelight.html) to clean up a few things in the font and fill in some missing chars. Very happy with the result.

    Another site that is more similar to Yourfonts.com (uses similar technology to make font) is www.FontPanda.com. It's free too! You can also download free handwriting fonts that others have made.

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