Easily Seal A Bag With A Couple Of Magnets

Need to seal a bag but don't have a chip (or binder) clip handy? If you've got some magnets lying around (or stuck to the fridge), they'll work just fine.

How to illustrator Yumi Sakugawa offers up a bunch of handy magnet tips, including this one. Just fold the bag over and place a couple of magnets on each side (as seen above). They'll hold the bag shut and keep a reasonably tight seal. For more interesting magnet tips, check out the full post on Wonder How-To.

11 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Magnets [Secret Tips from the Yumiverse]


    You can use the following on bread bags as well, but it might be a bit hard to explain through comment.
    1. Spin the bottom of the bag around until you have a tight seal at the top of the food.
    2. Take the remaining packaging above the point that you spun the bag around and fold it over the bottom of the food packaging.
    3. The food area should be sitting inside the bag and it will be sealed at the top.
    This works everytime, but my instructions might not have been clear. Let me know if you want instruction pictures :)

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