Earn Velocity Points With Restaurant Bookings

Here's a relatively novel way to earn frequent flyer points: Virgin is offering 500 points each time you book a restaurant through the bookarestaurant.com site between now and the end of July.

Earning points through non-flight activities is hardly a new development, but there's no obvious replica for this particular option on Qantas' list. Of course, if you're aiming to completely maximise your earnings from your meal, you'll also pay on a credit card which earns points as well.

Book A Restaurant


    There's a special intro of a bonus 200 (for a total of 500) if you book and dine between 5 June and 31 July 2012.

    How much is 500 points worth?

    Hm... pretty sparse selection of restaurants.

    Well, as an example. Upgrading a flight from Sydney to Perth from a Flexi fare to a Business class fare will run you 4950 points (until June 30th - there's a 50% thing on atm). So 10 restaurant visits would get you that...

    Hi - just a quick note - that the points are only offered booking via www.bookarestaurant.com/velocity site - not the main bookarestaurant.com site.

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