Draw A Perfect Circle Without Any Extra Tools

If your circles always end up looking like a deformed eggplant and you don't have a compass nearby, here's a simple trick to drawing a perfect circle with just a pencil and your finger.

Whether you're just doodling or marking out some specs for your next DIY project, sometimes you just need to draw a good circle. This tip basically turns your hand into a makeshift compass. By pressing your ring finger down in the centre of your circle and turning the paper, you can get a much better circle than most of us can draw freehand (though it may take a bit of practice). Check out the video to see it in action.

How to Draw a Perfect Circle with Pencil [YouTube via Reddit]


    Things like this are so thoroughly Lifehacker. Simple 'hacks' that takes a moment to learn but improve your life a little forever. I love it.

    First, draw an 'S'. Then, draw a more different 'S'... consummate V's... one beefy arm... voila!

      thankyou Tony! I was hoping someone was going to do that.

      No, consummate Vs. CONSUMMATE!


    I've always called that a compass

    wtf does he call the compass? a Pusser?

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