Domino's Adds Catering Tool For Online Orders

Throwing a massive party and not sure how much pizza to order? Domino's has added an online ordering option that lets you specify the number of people you're inviting and recommends packages based on various price points.

When I made an enquiry for a pick-up order for 10 people, the site recommended three options: a cheapskate $39.95 deal with five pizzas, an $84.95 bundle which added garlic bread, chicken and some drinks, and a pricier option with 10 deserts as well. You can also preload the order with 'popular choices' if you don't want to customise each pizza.

One factor that the site doesn't directly allow for when making its initial choices is discount vouchers. If you've found a good deal, it might make more sense to stack up coupon-based orders rather than taking Domino's recommendations directly. (That said, you can apply relevant vouchers to the deals the catering site offers.)

Right now, it's a web-based option only, so smartphone users will have to grab a computer or larger-screened tablet to get ordering.



    That's all good and well, but you'd have to really hate your guests to order Domino's.

    When Domino's took over our local pizza shop (along with a bunch of others in the surrounding suburbs) they were so poorly received that they were out of business in under 2 years.
    There's an independant pizza joint there now that do a pretty good trade, and they make a decent budget-priced pizza, but the real winners have been the old-style Itallian-run pizza restaurants in the area.
    They make great pizzas that cost a bit more, but are worth every cent. I have heard (but cannot confirm) that a couple of these pizza restaurants were struggling even before Domino's came along. It's largely the backlash against Domino's crappy offerings that has converted us to quality pizza and kept them in business.

    So, thank you Domino's, for helping to demonstrate to my local town exactly what pizza is not, and showing us what pizza can be when done right.

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