Dealhacker: 3 ALDI Travel Adaptors For $9.99

International adaptors are a travel essential for Aussies, and ALDI's Saturday deal — one each of the US, Asian and European models for $9.99 — is a good price. It's certainly cheaper than what you'll pay at the airport! [ALDI]


    $9.99 is NOT a good price, it's a complete rip-off as the mark-up on these items is astronomical. When I moved countries I ordered a box of 15 adaptors from China (via eBay) and ever with delivery it came to less than $20.

    Just go to a $2 shop.

    I wouldn't call this a good price at all. You can get these for around $2 each from a place like dealextreme:

      (NOT BEING PAID TO SAY THIS) dealextreme is awesome, sometimes the stuff you buy is cheaply made.. that being said you wont find better prices for little things like this. and the customer service is literally amazing.

        +1 on that... i had orders that were like a month late i emailed them... delivered 2 days later

          +1 also - I use these:

          Bit more than $2 but it'll handle everything and it's flat.

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