Crucial M4 256GB SDD For $210, Delivered From The States

You’ve upgraded your RAM, installed a faster CPU and coughed up for a fresh video card, but your magnetic hard drives are holding you back. If you’ve resisted the temptation to invest in a solid state replacement, now might be your chance, with US retailer B&H Photo Video offering Crucial’s M4 256GB for $US179.95. Add $US32.26 for shipping and the total goes to $US212.21 — or $210 Australian (as of writing).

Local price aggregator StaticIce currently has the drive listed for $279 at its cheapest, not including delivery, so this is a pretty decent saving. I have the 128GB model in my laptop, a Dell M1330, and haven’t had any problems. The drives at one stage didn’t play well with OS power saving features, but these issues were rectified in a firmware update, along with an impressive boost in performance.

Obviously, the downer is that the drive is coming from the States, but via UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping, you should get it within four-to-six days, going by B&H’s estimates. There’s also the matter of getting a refund or replacement if the drive is faulty. Something to keep in mind if you do decide to pick one up.

Note that the offer is only valid to June 19 (June 18 in the US), so you only have a day or so to contemplate the decision.

[B&H Photo Video, via OzBargins]


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