Combine Credit Card Presales And Mobile Sites To Score Popular Concert Tickets

We recently highlighted a number of tactics for making sure you get tickets for popular events. Here's a twist on that list: buy through a credit card entertainment scheme and use the mobile site to ensure you're not stuck in ticket timeout hell and have a reasonable choice.

We emphasised using mobile ticketing sites when possible in our original list, but CreditCardFinder points out that it works even better if you also take advantage of the pre-sale offers which Visa Entertainment offer. Editor Jeremy Cabral was able to score tickets for Coldplay in Sydney using the password Visa supplied (which only works if you pay with a Visa card). It's essentially a variant on signing up for a presale code from the fan club. As with that strategy, you'll generally get to buy tickets some time in advance of the general on-sale.

Nothing guarantees getting a ticket, but every additional tactic can help. Hit the post for the full story, and check out our original list for more suggestions.

How I bought tickets to a sellout Coldplay Concert using Visa Entertainment [Credit Card Finder]


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