Check Out Google's New Nexus Tablet

We won't know all the details until Thursday Australian time when the annual Google I/O developer love-in begins in San Francisco, but Luke over at Gizmodo has the early scoop on Google's next Nexus-branded product: a 7-inch tablet running Jelly Bean and manufactured by ASUS. Hit the post for the details and start speculating on when or if we'll see it in Australia. [Gizmodo]


    I really love android but a combination of dissatisfaction with my gtab 10.1 and the ability to run desktop windows on the surface leaves my completely unexcited about this sadly. Maybe if the surface pro is too expensive I will look into this

    Why do you guys insist on cross-posting from Gizmodo? Gizmodo, Kotaku, & Bellasugar are linked to at the bottom of your pages so no need to duplicate. Also incredibly annoying to see the same story twice in my RSS reader!

      Short answer: because not everyone reads both sites (there's very little overlap in percentage terms), and not everyone looks at the footer.

        Then perhaps you should do more integration between the sites so that the comments can be shared.

          Given the differing audiences on the sites, I'm not sure cross-commenting is the top priority. We are well advanced with a major revamp to the comments system though.

            It's a priority for me.
            Just like not seeing "news" about iTunes vouchers 22% off and Rss feeds tha

          Integration isn't as easy as you might think.

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