Build Your Own Thin And Powerful HD Antenna

We've shown you how to build an antenna before, but this one is both good-looking and powerful enough to pick up HD channels. Best of all, it's cheap to make.

All you'll need to get started is some paper, aluminium foil, flexible plastic (like a document cover — available at newsagents or Officeworks), a matching transformer (and the nuts and bolts needed to mount it), and some glue. The end result is a powerful fractal antenna that can rival some of the commercial options out there.

This project comes to us from HTPC DIY and was inspired by the cardboard and aluminium foil antenna we've featured before. This one, however, looks much better. If you want to make one yourself, hit the link below for a walkthrough.

Ever build your own HD antenna? Let us know in the comments below.

DIY Flexible Fractal Window HDTV Antenna [HTPC DIY via Hack a Day]


    Excellent antenna! MUCH better than rabbit ears and attached it to the window. Works better than the 'Leaf' antenna that adverts so much. Cheaper too!

    Hrmmmm may have to give this one a go... Rabbit ears don't seem to cut it in the bedrooms, and I'd really rather not have to get up into the roof so I can run $40 worth of cabling and wall sockets in a rental property...

    "this one is both good-looking and powerful"

    Well, powerful perhaps.

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