Belkin Cabinet Mount Keeps Your Tablet Off The Kitchen Bench

Tablets are handy for reading recipes or watching instructional videos in the kitchen, but resting them on the bench makes them hard to see and risks dredging them in food. If you don't want to go to the effort of mounting one in a cupboard door, Belkin's Cabinet Mount is a simpler (and removable) alternative.

The device attaches to the bottom of your kitchen cupboard shelf, which means it's at a suitable eye level and leaves your bench free for actual cooking. The adjustable slider means you can fit any tablet size. I've had this one set up in my kitchen (with my trusty PlayBook) for a couple of months now, and it's been very useful when I'm trying out a new recipe.

The Cabinet Mount is $49.95, and sells through Dick Smith, David Jones and Apple stores.

Belkin Cabinet Mount


    Can we get an under-bench angled photo to see how it hangs on?

      Did you click the link?

        ...I guess not. Oops. Thanks for the (obvious) tip!

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