Around The World In One Workspace: The Offices Of CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing, a site that helps travellers find accommodation at other peoples' houses, has some pretty unique offices. In fact, each space has its own style while still contributing to the overall look. From a beautiful wooden loft to a couch-based meeting area, it looks like a really beautiful place to work.

You can see CouchSurfing's loft area above, but that's just one area. To the right you can see another section of the office with enormous wall art that contributes to the plants and greenery you'll find around the entire space.

Meetings happen on couches, which contributes to an aesthetic that really embodies what the company is about. The goal is to help people find places to stay while they explore the world, and the offices really feel like that's what's happening. It just goes to show how impactful a good theme can be when designing a workspace.

Where the magic happens [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    can you couch surf at CouchSurfing offices?

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