App Factory Turns Your Tasker Actions Into Standalone Apps

Android: Tasker is still our favourite tool for creating custom, automated actions for Android phones, and the new beta makes it even better by letting you export your tasks as standalone apps.

The new feature, called App Factory, has two modes: a beginner mode that attempts to configure the app for you, and an advanced mode that lets you dig into other options for the final product. The resulting app won't need Tasker to work, which means you can easily send it to your Android-using friends or even put it up on Google Play. The only downside is that it can only export tasks, not profiles. So where Tasker performs action in response to certain rules, your exported apps will merely perform those actions immediately when you run them. You'll need the beta version of Tasker to try out the App Factory feature, so download it here and check out Tasker's instruction manual for more info on how to make your own apps.

Tasker App Factory [via Android Police]


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