Amaysim’s $19.90 Flexi Deal: Does It Add Up?

Amaysim’s $19.90 Flexi Deal: Does It Add Up?

Amaysim is expanding its range of no-contract phone plan options, adding a “middle ground” $19.90 per month option to its existing pay as you go and $39.90 a month unlimited plans Here’s how it works and what you need to know.

Like Amaysim’s other plans, the $19.90 plan runs on Optus’ network. You don’t have to sign up for a contract, so you aren’t tied in for more than 30 days.

The plan includes 500MB of data (and unlimited browsing on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Foursquare, like Amaysim’s other plans). Call rates for the plan are 9 cents per minute and 9 cents for a text, which is lower than the rate on Amaysim’s as-you-go plan (which has charged 12 cents a minute since May). Data above the 500MB allocation is charged at 5 cents per megabyte (or you can buy a 1GB data pack for $9.90.) If you use your $19.90, you can top up with additional prepaid credit (or postpaid charges if you sign up with a credit card) — but you still get the 9 cents per minute rate rather than the higher as-you-go rate.

In practical terms, $19.90 works out to 220 minutes of calls, which will be more than ample for many people. Overall, this sounds like a good deal. Indeed, if I was on the Unlimited plan, I’d be tempted to drop back to the $19.90 version and see if I was actually making the right volume of calls (since you can always switch back if it doesn’t work). Equally, if you’re spending $15 to $20 on prepaid each month, the lower call rate and extra data would be appealing. What do you think?

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      • You don’t have to consider that when the included usage is $700 worth which equates to over 560 minutes even calculated at $1.25/minutes to include flagfall.

        $19.90/mth for 220 minutes and 500 mb SMS not included or,
        $17.99/mth for well over 560 minutes and 2GB, unlimited free SMS/MMS and not taking into account the $900 value of calls to other LC customers.

        Both on same carrier.
        You tell me Andy? Does the 90c call rate make a difference?
        I just wish I could ditch my crappy Voda contract sooner to take avantage.

  • Unlimited works for me. Using Rebtel to make my overseas calls free (via their dial-back feature) I spend well over an hour a day on overseas calls to European mobiles and it never costs me a cent over $39.90. Absolute bargain.

  • Amaysim data is charged in 1MB blocks… So if your session only downloads 1kb…. Oops… There goes 1Mb….

    So 500Mb wouldn’t last long at all…. Even 4Gb on their “Unlimited” plan may disappear with some speed….

    Anyone else noticed this?

  • Like anything, it depends upon your usage pattern. For me, a low volume voice/sms/data user, the $7.99 LiveConnected plan is suited perfectly to my needs.

  • It’s a shame their service sucks! Paid for unlimited calls 10 days ago. Received SIM a few days later. Still waiting to get old number ported over. For the past 24 hours I’ve had no phone service (from the old provider or Amaysim) so anyone calling my number gets a recorded message saying that my number has been disconnected. I’ve made four phone calls to Amaysim in the last two days. Each time I was told I’d recive a call back in ‘a few minutes’. Each time I’ve had to call back after not receiving a response after waiting hours. Three hours ago, I asked to speak to a manager and was told that they were all busy: ‘I will get him to call you back’. Still nothing. Pathetic! Maybe I need Andrew Bogut to complain on Twitter?

  • Live Connected is the crappiest company EVER! It takes them not days, not weeks but MONTHS yes MONTHS to respond to basic customer enquiries. Amaysim’s customer service is the BEST in Australia and their plans/deals are unbeatable! Don’t go anywhere near live connected they are CRAP.

    • Agreed!
      Be extremely careful with Live Connected. Their customer service sucks, they take a very long time to respond to any enquiries and their excess usage charges are incredibly high.
      My first (and last) month with them on the $16/month plan ended up costing me over $200. They never even sent me an excess usage notification until after they cut my service off.

  • Would Like to know Why amaysim, doesn’t have a deal without Internet, (Paying for an Extra that We would not Use),? available for Future Customers, who have internet at home, and Maybe a deal, for just being able to send SMS’s?

  • What happens on any of the deals, after my first 2 minutes of a Call, Does the Charge per Minute go up, any Higher after 2 minutes, or does it stay, at 8c per minute, for the Duration of the Call? And is there a Connection, Charge every for Call, even if you do not actually get to talk to any-one after your my Phone has connected to the other party I am Ringing? And also how much are the SMS Costs?

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