Zero Dollar Books Shows You All The Best-Selling Kindle Ebooks Currently Available For Free

Sorting through the Amazon store for free ebooks can be a bit of a mess. To simplify the process, Zero Dollar Books is a simple web app that aggregates all the best-selling free ebooks and shows them off in a nice clean view.

Zero Dollar Books taps into Amazon's Kindle bestsellers list and then grabs all the books that are currently free. Since Amazon updates prices on the hour, so does Zero Dollar Books. The book list isn't always full of winners, but if you're looking to check out some free ebooks on your Kindle, then Zero Dollar Books makes it easy. You can even subscribe to the RSS feed to get constant updates.

Zero Dollar Books [via Digital Inspiration]


    Need a reason to go there?
    How about.... 21 Bacon Dessert Recipes That You'll Wish You Would Have Tried Sooner. BOOM!

    I find to be much more powerful

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