You Do Not Need A Gravy Warmer

Single-purpose gadgets rarely do anything other than clutter your kitchen. One of tomorrow's special offers at ALDI is a prime example: a gravy warmer. You do not need this product. You are not eating gravy that often, and if it isn't warm enough, you more than likely own a microwave. Plus you know someone will end up tripping over the cord. Resist! [ALDI]


    The irony is that by posting this, more people will probably buy it than if you hadn't posted.

    Can't wait for the USB-Powered one!

    I don't need a gravy warmer, but it would certainly double as a butter warmer for the bedroom...


    "Single-purpose gadgets rarely do anything other than clutter your kitchen, which is why we've compiled this list of top five uses for the Aldi gravy warmer on sale tomorrow:

    1 Warm Epoxy resin in cold weather to ensure an even pour.
    2 For the singles (or health conscious), Sous Vide a small cut of steak
    3 keep cheese molten and on hand to top-up your fondue set
    4 fill with essential oils for constant evaporation
    5 gently warm spices prior to grinding

    You do not need this product for gravy. You are not eating gravy that often, and if it isn’t warm enough, you more than likely own a microwave, so why waste this product on gravy. Hit up the comments for more suggestions on how to use a 'single use' gadget. Don't Resist!

      This comment is far more into the spirit of life hacking than the original article. +1

      I ead this article just to see what some of the awesome comments would be, thank you for not disapointing me.

    Seriously...I'll be buying one of these tomorrow. On tuesday morning I'll be cooking free scrambled eggs on english muffins for starving uni students, this is perfect to keep the hollandaise warm. Thanks for the heads up :-)

      Hollandaise - bloody brilliant idea.

      See the trouble with these single use gadgets is that they're always marketed to the lowest common denominator...

      I'm gonna use mine to keep poor orphaned baby ducks warm; and to incubate my snake eggs.

    Mmmm. melted cheese sauce. Thanks! lol

    "Well, your cholesterol level is lethally high, Homer, but I'm more concerned about your gravy level."
    "Now, wait a second. You doctors have been telling us to drink eight glasses of gravy a day!"
    "Well, you're a little confused."
    "Oh, confused, would we?"

    Can't wait for the accompanying gravy cooler.

    Don't forget the accompanying boiler because you need something to make gravy with in the first place, this device only keeps it warm.

    I threatened to get one for my mum for mothers day, but as I'd like to continue living I think I'll buy her a book instead.

    Hmm, perhaps a beautician would keep the wax warm for her body hair removing appointments?

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