What’s On Your Home Office Upgrade Wishlist?

What’s On Your Home Office Upgrade Wishlist?

We’d all like the perfect home office, but finding the time and the money to make it happen is another story. If you could make your workspace exactly as you want it, what would you do?

Apartment Therapy Tech offers up a few solid upgrades for any workspace, both practical and aesthetic, including energy-efficient light bulbs, an ergonomic chair, desktop organisation, intelligent power supplies and a great router. What’s on your list, and how do you plan to make your upgrade a reality?

The Home Office Upgrade Checklist [Apartment Therapy Tech]


  • First upgrade would be a shelving system for all of my Desktop Machines (Most of which are sitting unused in my closet due to lack of space). Nothing special (I’m currently over stacking kit shelf from Bunnings). Ill get to Ikea one day and get organised.

    Secondly, and it sounds silly, but I want to rip out the carpet and go to wooden floors. I hate carpet

  • A new home to put it in, preferably in Narnia, and someone else to put in it to do the work. My plan is to wish very hard to the FSM. Reasonable requests I think.

  • Step 1: Assemble a DIY standing desk and a start a big re-shelving, rearranging, and recycling project (I have too much stuff and a lot of it is badly stacked and packed). I’ll probably do those at the same time over a long weekend. Step 2: Buy a bulk scanner to help me become and stay as paperless as possible. Step 3: Upgrade my desktop so I can play PC games again. At least that’s the plan for the next 6 months 🙂

  • I want a big-ass desk. Or maybe more a big-ass table. Something real deep and wide, with enough room to sit at without banging my knees against the drawers, and where I can fit speakers, books, my laptop and a lamp without suddenly the whole thing turning into a bombsite at the first sign of a piece of paper.

    Yeah, that’d be sweet.

    • In addition to askdlv.
      Free up Floor Space by mounting Chair from ceiling. So Vacuum robot can do all the floor.
      Float wireless keyboards in Pool for swim and type with projector on pool wall.
      Attach Laptop to wall of Toilet for RSS reading while exporting.
      Wireless headphones that roam to 3G for conference call sky ping.

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