What To Do When ‘Doing What You Love’ Isn’t An Option

What To Do When ‘Doing What You Love’ Isn’t An Option

We’ve always said that you should do what you love — so much that if you wouldn’t do your job for free, you should quit. When that isn’t an option, though, writer Patty Azzarello recommends a slight change in philosophy.

While we don’t necessarily agree with her that “doing what you love” is bad advice, we do understand that it isn’t always ideal — especially in a bad economy. Maybe your ideal job market is oversaturated, or maybe it just doesn’t pay enough for the lifestyle you want. In those situations, it helps to look at your job as a means to do what you love.

Consider thinking about your work/life strategy like this:

  • Do what you love for free.
  • Work for money.
  • Change how you do your job to feel less tortured about it-and maybe even feel pretty good about it.
  • Spend the money you make on doing the things you love when you’re not at work.

End of insight: Please read it again.

Azzarello uses her own life as an example: she was stuck in a technology job that paid well but that she hated doing. Instead of griping through her hatred of technology, she reassessed her job to focus on things she was good at — she used her hatred of technology to make the product better for similarly minded people. That way, while she may not be doing something she loved, she was at least doing something she liked, and could spend more time and money on the things she did love. Hit the link below to read more, and for our own insight on the subject, check out our top 10 tips for improving your work life.

“Do What You Love” Is Bad Advice [Free Money Finance]

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  • One thing I will say, if you really hate it, and you can’t hide it, then move on. Otherwise, don’t let your disdain taint your work performance, if you;re going to do a job, do it well. Remember to be a professional, if you can’t maintain this, change jobs.

    • Easy to say, Kendal, but you can’t just quit if you have a mortgage, as I do. I agree, even if you hate your job, you are being paid, so do it as well as you can. Just declaring that people should change jobs, though, as if it’s just a matter of saying those words and it will happen, is naive. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. At least it hasn’t for me.

      • Naive? I’ve done it (with mortgage), and I’d do it again. It’s not an unqualified declaration. And yes, it doesn’t just happen, you DO it.

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