What Should Senator Conroy Ask Google?

Federal Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy will be hanging around Google HQ in Mountain View soon. What should he be asking the Big G?

Conroy picture by Getty Images

While the exact trip details haven't been finalised, Conroy said at the launch of an AIIA/KPMG cloud computing report today that a visit to Google was imminent (Conroy says it will happen as part of a scheduled conference visit to New York, and he'll also be visiting some satellite suppliers while he's in the US). One issue he will be pursuing is whether companies like Google will begin actively hosting some of their applications in Australia:

I'm hopefully going to visit Google HQ in a couple of weeks, and certainly I'll be raising the issue with them of hosting various things.

Given that Google loathes talking about where its data centres are, I'm not sure how far that will go. But there are lots of other issues Senator Conroy could raise with Google. Here's a few off the top of my head:

  • Will the search giant pull out of Australia if Conroy pursues his long-term dream of introducing censorship?
  • Are we ever going to see a local version of Google Voice?
  • Can Google do better with its privacy policy?
  • How long before Google starts selling music locally, and will it be mindful of the current price gouging inquiry?
  • Is Google dodging Australian tax with weird business structures?

What would you like Senator Conroy to ask Sergey and the gang? Tell us in the comments.


    how to use his mobile phone, because apparently his daughter is better at it than him

    Maybe he could apply for a job with an election coming up?

    How to fix his iphone?

    I would say he should ask something intelligent, but that would be asking for the moon.

    what does I.T stand for?

      I lol'd

    Maybe he should ask what spams and scams have come through the portal.

    "I’ll be raising the issue with them of hosting various things" - I'm really confused as to what this means, or if it even makes sense. In fact, it's rare I read a quote of his that does make grammatical sense. Is it just me?

    For Spam and Scam via Portal protection...??

    Is that still funny??


    Ask Google what they think of the Australian government's internet filter plans. Ask for a detailed response highlighting the various technical reasons why it is a complete waste of money, won't achieve the desired results and will provide a false sense of security to the majority of Australians who already know less about the internet then their children do.

    How he could go about dying in a fire?

    Serious Question : He should ask about Google protecting Australian privacy what with the new law that was passed and Google's own policy where they just hand over anything and everything.

    Yes I know him asking a serious question or even an intelligent question is beyond him but still, Google's own policy concerning privacy and US's new law.

    How about getting him to ask how their "Do No Evil" line sits with this - http://googleopoly.net/Googles_Rap_Sheet.pdf


      "Competitors' file complaint over Google's advertising practices" - Result?
      "Oracle sues Android for patent/copyright infringement" - Undecided
      "Appeals Court ruled Google advertising was deceptive" - Google's adveritsing? Isn't this going to the high court?
      "Google-buzz privacy practices were ruled deceptive" - Off with their head!

      Graeme, that was pathetic.

      How about you go through that and just list the ones that are proved and finalised. You would be lucky to get one or two lines.

    He should ask them for a job, considering he'll need one shortly after the next election.

    What should Steven ask? "How effective is an internet filter?"

    When are they going to pay realistic tax on their income derived in Australia. Over $200 million turnover and $74k in tax. A total joke - they pay less tax than I do and I don't turnover anywhere near this amount.

    'How long before Google starts selling music locally, and will it be mindful of the current price gouging inquiry?' and 'Are we ever going to see a local version of Google Voice?

    Clearly google thinks he a douche... type "Stephen Conroy is" and you'll get some nice recomendations :P

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