Velcro Remote Controls To A Coffee Table For Easy, Uncluttered Access

The reason most of us lose remote controls is because they don't have a specific place to go. They might end up on a coffee table, an end table, or just slide behind the couch. Redditor actusual was sick of losing remotes, so he stuck them to a coffee table with Velcro.

The idea is that when the remotes have a home to return to they're more likely to end up there. The Velcro gives them an out-of-the-way spot where they won't get moved around. You'll still have to remember to put the remote back where it belongs, but at least it has a specific spot to go to. What's your best tip for keeping track of wayward remotes?

People always tell me how good of an idea this was, so I thought I'd share. Never lose your remotes again! [Reddit]


    This would totally ruin the look of a nice coffee table, here's a thought, just leave the remotes ON the coffee table, haha.. or buy a remote caddy, i just put my remotes on top of my hifi unit. Simple

    Yep, I'm with Mario, it'd make the coffee table look awful. Also, it's the kind of thing my mum would do.

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