Use This Space-Saving Tally System For Faster, More Efficient Counting

The tally system may not seem like something that needs reinventing since you just make several marks on a page and count them up, but Redditor PeopleAreOkay figured out a better method: employing both lines and dots.

The image above depicts the clever tally system which counts in sets of 10 instead of five. It not only saves about twice the space on the page, but it also makes it faster to count. For every full box you have 10, which is far easier to count because you just count every box and add a zero after the number. Definitely a clever way to keep score at your next game night.

LPT: A simple, more compact tally system [Reddit]


    you can do the same with pentagrams

    3x3 dots plus circle is better

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