Turn Your Can Tab To Keep Bugs Out

Ever took a swig from a beer or soft drink can that a wasp had flown inside? Fortunately I haven't but I have a good friend who did once and got a very painful sting on the inside of his lip. Avoid this by turning your can's tab around so it can keep wasps and other large flying insects out of your drink.

Reddit user The_drowning_poop gives this tip. We've covered in the past how you can thread a straw through the can tab to keep it from rising which uses the same tab position and will also keep wasps and similarly-sized insects out of your drinks. Just watch out for ants and fruit flies attracted by the sugar.

Turn the can meal clip the other way to prevent wasps and other large insects to get in. [Reddit]


    ... What?

    Is this a real problem that people actually have?

      Yeah, I've seen it happen to a few people. The bee/wasp/other stinging insect is attracted to the sugar, then they realise it's much harder to get out than it was to get it. when you have a sip they get washed out of the can and into your mouth, and they sting you.

    "Ever took a swig from a beer or soft drink can that a wasp had flown inside?"

    Umm NO!

    It is a real problem - one I hope I never encounter. They sell reuseable plastic tops that fit over standard cans, but I like this solution. Free and convenient.

      Here's one that is made of silicon rubber. It is soft and fits comfortably in your pocket, and keeps it shape after you take it out.

    More so for Redbulls/energy drinks - put a straw through the hole..
    that way it stays in...

    Saw that about 8yrs ago from promo girls working in bars

    Immediate mental imagery looking at this - ants using the tab as a diving board.

    The name of the user who submitted this is guaranteeing I don't want to eat or drink anything right now.

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