Turn An Envelope Or Coffee Filter Into A Funnel

Don't have a funnel on hand? Snip off one corner of an envelope to turn it into a makeshift funnel for dried goods.

This photo from the Simple Bites blog pretty much says it all. This won't work too well with liquids, obviously (unless you have a plastic envelope or some other sort of plastic sleeve), but for dry stuff, use an envelope cone in a pinch.

You can also create a funnel out of cone-shaped coffee filter, as EliseBTX suggests on Martha Stewart.

20 Simple and Practical Kitchen Hacks for Everyday Cooks [Simple Bites]


    I have always just taken any printed material around, roll it into a cylinder, then turn it into a cone.
    This is alright if deemed clean enough.

    An untouched envelope is a bit of a specialty item around my apartment.

    Any Tertiary chemistry student/graduate will tell you this is the WRONG way to make a funnel for liquids!
    The right way is this way... The Fluted Funnel (she actually cheats a bit and doesn't do the most efficient fold)

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