The Twilight Linux Desktop

Flickr user (and Arch Linux forum member) Paanini loves Arch Linux and loves customising his desktop. We love Arch too, and when we saw this beautiful twilight wallpaper, customised with some sharp-looking Conky scripts and a dash of Todo.txt, we had to highlight it.

If you want the same look for your Arch desktop, here’s what you’ll need:

  • The wallpaper from Wallbase
  • Conky, a lightweight system monitor for Linux systems, for the analogue and digital clocks, the system information, and to pull in the to-do list
  • The Faience-Azur Gnome-shell theme to replace the icons
  • The Flat-Black-Squares Gnome-shell theme for the overall UI
  • The Docky application launcher for Linux
  • Gina Trapani’s ToDo.Txt and the ToDo.txt CLI so the to-dos appear on the desktop
  • Lua desktop widgets for the semi-circular patterns on the desktop

We know there are a few things missing in this one, and we don’t have direct links to the widgets or Conky scripts that Paanini used, but we wanted to feature it anyway — it looks fantastic and is really well themed, especially for a Linux desktop. If you’re not sure how to fit all of the pieces together, head over to his Flickr page to ask for a little help, or check out this Arch forum thread where he also posted the desktop. Don’t forget to let him know how much you like the desktop when you ask your questions, too!

Windows users looking for a similar setup can get the same effect with Rainmeter and a little Rocketdock or ObjectDock action. Not familiar with how to use Rainmeter? We have a guide that can help. Mac users can approximate much of this with GeekTool, the Mac OS dock, and our guide to setting up GeekTool.

My Arch Linux Setup with Gnome-Shell [Flickr]

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