The Avengers Ubuntu Desktop

The Avengers Ubuntu Desktop

Flickr user l1nfr4nk7 loved The Avengers as much as we did, so he decided to transform his Ubuntu desktop into a reminder of how awesome the movie was. A great wallpaper, some Conky action, an icon theme that fits right in… you could say he assembled quite the functional and good-looking desktop.

Bad jokes aside, if you want the same look for your Ubuntu machine, here’s what you’ll need to get the job done:

If you’re not sure how to get everything set up just right, head over to l1nfr4nk7’s Flickr page to ask him how he configured his desktop, and let him know how much you like his work while you’re there!

Windows users looking for a similar setup can get the same effect with Rainmeter and a little Rocketdock or ObjectDock action. Not familiar with how to use Rainmeter? We have a guide that can help. Mac users can approximate much of this with GeekTool, the Mac OS dock and our guide to setting up GeekTool.

The Avengers Desktop [Flickr]


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