The 8-Bit Avengers Android Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Rob created this home screen with an old-school look and some timeless super heroes.

Here's another theme I've been...assembling. I'm using:

  • Here's the original 8-bit Avengers artwork for the wallpaper. I stumbled across it while looking for a t-shirt. For my phone I recreated a vector version of it since I initially wanted to have a close up of individual characters on my screens to the left and right. That was just a bit too much for my liking though.
  • ADWLauncher EX for the 5x5 screens, hidden notification bar and more.
  • Minimalistic Text for the date.
  • BeWeather is my weather widget of choice this time around. I made the weather icons again. Actually a couple different sets in this theme... to varying degrees of success.
  • Widgetsoid for the flashlight toggle. The icon you see for it is actually an image I set as the background of the 1x1 flashlight widget with the real toggle icon hidden.
  • WidgetLocker is handling the lock screen. I usually don't use anything there, but so far so good. The camera and lock options are hidden until you touch the black ICS-style unlocker in the middle. They fade in and out nicely.

I tried to find an icon set in a similar style and came up with very little worthwhile. There was one theme I found in the store but the selection of icons was extremely limited... and it was like $US1.25.

I wanted to keep things as consistent as possible so I just made a matching set of app and weather icons in the same colour pallete and style as the wallpaper.

I'm up to 45 icons so far. I'll probably try to get a set up on my DeviantArt page after I flesh it out a little more and adjust some. Possibly the weather set as well but it also needs a little work.

For more Avengers goodness, check out our previous Avengers Assemble home screen, too.


    Rob should use the AOKP Rom so he can also change the Back Home and Recent navigation buttons

    Hilarious. Love the Wallpaper.

    +3 Internetz to the creator.

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