Telstra Facebook App Lets You Beg Prepaid Credit From Friends

Telstra Facebook App Lets You Beg Prepaid Credit From Friends

Telstra started offering support via its Facebook page back in February and promised a Facebook app when it launched its iPad account management app last month. The newly-launched Telstra Prepaid app not has the expected features (balance checking and topping up), and also a weirder social option: asking your friends if they will top up your credit when you’re short of cash.

Account management has always been possible online, so adding the “begging” option does at least take advantage of Facebook, albeit in a rather odd fashion. For security purposes, the app relies on a unique PIN which is sent to your phone each time you wish to transact, rather than storing your full details in Facebook itself.

Telstra has also said a specific Android app for managing prepaid accounts will be launched “in the coming weeks”. I can more readily imagine using that than the Facebook option. How about you? Tell us in the comments.



  • Vodafone in Ireland had a really cool function that let you text a certain amount of your credit to friends and family, came in very handy when we were travelling over there.

    • It’s also a very popular feature of prepaid plans in India. I’m surprised that nobody has tried it in Australia, and even more surprised that Telstra opted to do it the other way around.

      Only possible explanation I have is that publicly asking for credit is more “social” than gifting it.

  • Both Telstra and Optus have a prepaid feature called Credit Me2U. It allows postpaid and pre paid customers send credit to other prepaid users. Has been around for ages. Nothing new. All Telstra is doing creating an extension of that for facebook. I have been transferring credit between my prepaid services for years now.

  • interesting… in different parts of the developing world.. the ability to transfer credit between phone is used a proxy for banking and wire services very effectively to move dollar around as people can then informally convert the credit back into $$,..

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