Take A Warm Shower To Get To Sleep Faster

If you often have trouble falling asleep quickly, a change in your shower schedule can help. Taking a warm shower or bath at night adjusts your body temperature so you're nice and groggy by the time you hit the sack.

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When you come out of a warm shower into a cooler bedroom, your body temperature will drop. That drop in temperature signals your body that it's time to rest, slowing down essential metabolic functions including heart rate, breathing and digestion.

Greatist suggests keeping your showers short and moderately warm — only five minutes and under 40 degrees — to avoid raising your body temperature too much. You can also gradually lower the water temperature at the end of your sleep-inducing shower.

If that doesn't work, try other sleep hacks such as tensing your muscles and repeating "the", using stimulus control therapy to train yourself to fall asleep faster, cooling your head, doing some maths and more.

Tip: Take a Warm Shower Before Bed to Help Sleep [Greatist]


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