Still No Chromebook Plans For Australia

A new wave of Chrome OS devices, including the first Chrome OS desktop and revamped Chromebook hardware, were launched today. While Google's announcement mentions that the Samsung machines will be available outside the US and UK in "other select countries over the coming weeks", unfortunately Australia isn't on that list.

A Google Australia spokesperson told Lifehacker this morning that there was "nothing to announce for Australia at this stage". Google has quite a track record of not releasing products in Australia, so this isn't altogether surprising. If you're keen to experience Chrome OS, you can build your own Chromebook using Chromium, but that's hardly representative of the no-hassle experience Chromebooks (and now Chromeboxes) are meant to represent.


    Google Australia has “nothing to announce for Australia at this stage” - but does that mean they won't have anything to announce in the coming weeks?

    Why is Australia the pariah country? I don't understand...

      I think it comes down to economics Mike. Of the manufacturers don't think there is a viable market amongst a population of 20+ million vs 313+ million in the USA, then they simply won't release it. Frustrating I know. I have been waiting patiently since they first announced Chromebook.

    Chrome OS should be freely available to download, like Ubuntu and Joli OS...

    Chrome OS should be freely available to download, like Ubuntu and Joli OS…

      It's an open source OS,
      It's just that Australia doesn't have stock chrome laptops because it hasn't been successful enough for the manufactures. You could always partition your existing laptop with Ubuntu and implement chrome OS on that partition if you really want to try it out.

    Google I'd buy one .

    lol seriously been considering leaving australia for so long its just family and friends that I cannot seem to let go as of yet :(

    Can you just buy one from a US or UK seller and use it here?

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