Staying Full While Dieting Is Easier Than You Think With The Right Foods

If you're trying to watch what you eat, or your doctor has put you on a diet, you know what it's like to struggle with gnawing hunger even though you're all out of calories for the day. Sure, chugging a few glasses of water and going to bed may help keep you from raiding the fridge before the sun comes up, but being hungry still sucks. Thankfully, the blog Syatt Fitness has a solid list of foods you can eat and enjoy even if you're counting calories.

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The actual list is really long, so make sure to head over to the link at the bottom of the article to scroll through it and select the types of foods you might want to add to your pantry. The important thing he notes is that you don't have to be hungry because you're dieting. If you eat the right foods — and there are "right foods" of all types: proteins, carbs, fats and even drinks — you can walk away from a meal or snack feeling satisfied both in your stomach and in your head, knowing you haven't wrecked your diet.

For example, if you're looking for filling, delicious carbs that are low on calories, popcorn will do the trick. Even better, a pickle spear comes in at about five calories and will leave your stomach happy in more than one way when you've finished it. For more tips on how to make a real diet work, check out our guide on learning to love your food. Do you have any favourite stomach-stuffing, low-calorie snacks for people trying trim down? Tell us in the comments.

The Dieter's Dilemma — How to Stay Full in a Caloric Deficit [Syatt Fitness]


    Here is a few suggestions to those trying to lose weight:

    1. Dont count calories. It just doesnt work long term.
    2. Dont eat carbs.
    3. Eat lots of fat.

      I think T-Dog you should clarify point 3.... it is only certain types of fats... Tell that to someone with no background on the matter will head straing to KFC for a double down burger! :-)

      Started down this path about 10 months ago when I read Taubes "Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It".
      Works a treat.
      Spot on T-Dog.

      I've been eating high fat/high protein/zero carb for a couple of years now. Feel absolutely fantastic, have dropped (and continue to drop) around 0.5kg per week without exercising.

      Blood tests are consistently great - I think I've converted my GP into eating this way! Do the research - 'conventional' diet advice is flawed.

        I second this, Doing the high fat/protein/zero carb approach, after the first day or two you start to feel awesome! I have energy throughout the day and haven't been getting 3 o'clock tired at all.

        Infact first few days I was only able to eat 2 meals and I was still below 1600 calories.

    Air popped popcorn is low in calories, but it is also incredibly bland. Anyone know how to make it less bland without upping the calories too much?


        But how do you get it to stick to air popped popcorn?

          Wet salt

            What I meant to say was "oodles and oodles of butter...."

              Uh huh.

              ... So, does anyone actually have any low calorie solutions to this problem?

                Salt ground to a really fine powder in a mortar and pestle. It will stick to dry popcorn because it is so fine. I have tried celery salt (Masterfoods) and Herbamare, and both grind up really fine to a good powder for dusting on the popcorn. I know others who have tried various stock powders too, and they seem to work okay as they have fine particles.

                  You know that Celery salt/Herbamare are still like 95% salt right?

    t-dog ...that sounds very paleo...

      Paleo exlcudes dairy and other things I think.

      Im not a fad diet person - but as FMT has suggested Gary Taubes has written a very persuasive book on the topic 'Why we get fat'. Have a read...

    I find that carbonated water or calorie free fizzy soft drinks seem to immediately create the illusion of being full ... long enough for me to get distracted and forget I'm peckish.

    I have no idea whether or not that's a healthy / smart thing to do or not.

      Pepsi Max and Coke zero have helped me lose 5kg over about 8 weeks by filling a gap between meals.

    Fruit is the way.

    Eat normal meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and by that I mean a normal sized meal, not large, and do not go for seconds.

    In between munch on as much fruit as you like, worked great for me.

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