Skip Drying Your Pots By Hanging A Pot Rack Directly Over Your Sink

Drying pots and pans is never fun, but Reddit user truckthunders discovered a dead-simple way to skip the process entirely. By placing a pot rack directly above the sink, the pots can air-dry and drip without ruining everything.

It's a really simple idea, but it takes away one of the most annoying parts of washing dishes. It's especially handy if you don't have room for a big drying rack or something similar. If you give this method a shot, be sure to hang it high enough that you don't bang your head on the pots and pans.

LPT: Never dry your pots and pans again! Hang a pot rack directly over your sink [Reddit]


    Drying is the easiest part of washing dishes. Far from the most annoying part.

    Also, get a dishrack, leave your dishes in it for 30 minutes after washing. put them away. problem solved. There'd be a really small number of kitchens that don't have room for a dishrack.

    HOT rinse water is also key. (I find a lot of people are pro drying because of soap left on dishes. That's what rinsing is for!)

    Won't the pots in the above photo have a pool of water in them, water can't defy gravity after all

    When washing dishes the dirt remains in the suds ( the bubbles) so make sure you always rinse before leaving to dry

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