Restrict Internal Meetings To Boost Productivity

A good meeting can get a whole workplace team up to speed, but too many meetings feel like thumb-twiddling wastes of everypne's time. The newly-appointed local CEO of PwC, Luke Sayers, has tried to improve productivity with a radical plan: no internal meetings allowed between 10am and 4pm.

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PwC's new edict actually emerged a couple of weeks ago via a report in the AFR, but I've only just caught wind of it. The motivation behind the move is to ensure that PwC's staff focus on meeting with clients (who pay the bills) rather than with each other, according to an internal email sent by Sayers:

Reduce non-client demands on each other's time, with the aim of making the hours of 10am to 4pm client and market time, not internal meeting time.

That exact logic won't apply in every workplace, and there's a risk that it means longer working hours to fit meetings in. But assigning fixed times for meetings, and resisting holding them at other times except in cases of emergency, has a lot going for it.

PwC bans staff meetings between 10am and 4pm


    "Meeting room in 5 minutes people" - Michael Gary Scott

      I wish he didn't leave The Office. :(

        Agreed, I've stopped watching since he left. My favourite episodes are definitely from seasons 1-4.

          Completely agree about the best episodes being from seasons 1 - 4. The show was already was going downhill when he left, but it seems to have slipped more now that he is gone.

    You're kidding right. Looks more like trying to ensure people are in the office by 9 and stay till 5pm. Even worse if you are with clients all day. You have to travel to or from the office if you have a meeting at these times. Screw that.

    Anyone who can quote Tim Ferris on 'meetings' gets a limited edition 'Bold +1' from me. Ready....? GO!

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