Repurpose Jar Lids Into Egg Rings

Repurpose Jar Lids Into Egg Rings

Egg rings work very well for making breakfast sandwiches, but why spend money on commercial egg rings if you already have jars with lids?

Household weblog The H Blog shares that a standard 280g wide-mouth pressed steel jar ring will hold a large egg perfectly. Just spray the ring with your cooking spray of choice. Place the ring in your skillet and crack an egg inside. Cook on medium low heat for a minute or two and then remove the ring; the egg will stay in the circular shape. Flip the egg over and cook for another minute and it’ll be ready to eat.

You’ll find that this circular egg will fit a bagel or english muffin perfectly.

Neat trick: use a Mason jar ring to assist with your breakfast [The H Blog]


  • bonus level: skip the pan completely and just cook the egg in an upside-down jar lid.

    Pretty much anything metal will serve as a cooking receptacle in a pinch: Why bother emptying your tin of spaghetti into a pot when you can just rip off the label and cook it in the tin?

  • “why spend money on commercial egg rings”… Are egg rings really that expensive? Haven’t bought any for a while but I’m guessing about a dollar each from wollies?

  • I think this article has been lost in translation. Mason jar rings are not the same as jar lids – they are separate parts which fit over the lids. Cooking an egg in a jar lid is probably not a smart idea as they can have wax/rubber/plastic seals etc.

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