Repurpose A Cork Bulletin Board Into A Thread Organiser

Repurpose A Cork Bulletin Board Into A Thread Organiser

If you sew at home on a regular basis, you probably have lots of spools of thread lying around. Keep your various colours of thread organised and on display with a standard cork bulletin board and toothpicks.

DIY blogger Korrine Wojcik on her weblog DIY Projects came up with the idea after too many times digging around in her sewing box for the right thread. All you need to do is take a tape measure and a permanent marker and make dots where you plan on hammering in the toothpicks — the author started 8cm below the border and made a dot every 5cm. Then hammer a toothpick into each dot at a slight angle so the spools of thread won’t fall off the mounted board. Mount the board to your wall and then add the spools.

If you only sew to repair a hole or replace a button, this project may not be for you. If you sew at least every month or so, you should find that it saves time finding thread, and by being in plain sight it acts as a motivator to get started on your next project.

Thread organiser from a Cork board and Toothpicks [DIY Projects]

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