Reminder: Green Tea Contains Caffeine

File this under "stuff I should have realised by now": while it may appear innocuous, green tea is not a caffeine-free beverage.

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I quite often drink green tea in the office, and one of my lazy mental justifications has been "oh well, I'm not soaking up caffeine that way". But actually I am. As the ABC's Health & Wellbeing site explains:

Green tea and black tea contain the same amount of caffeine, as both come from the Camellia sinensis plant. Red tea or Rooibos tea comes from a different plant and contains no caffeine. According to the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, the caffeine content of a typical 150 ml cup of tea varies from 30 to 100 mg, depending on how long the tea is infused and whether you brew with loose leaves or tea bags (strong loose-leaf tea yields the most caffeine).

In short: drinking green or black tea is a little better than coffee, but it's not an entirely caffeine-free experience. If you already knew this, well done you; why didn't you tell me earlier?

You can purchase caffeine-free green tea, and if you're dosing up in large amounts, that would be sensible. We've discussed what caffeine does to your brain before, so moderation is definitely advisable.

Caffeine [ABC Health & Wellbeing]


    Shock horror, the nutrition label on the pack was telling the truth!

    yeah but it's v good for you in other ways is it not?

    Notice: Sky Is Blue
    Warning: Water Is Wet

      Also currently trending

      Nerds: still socially inept.

    It has heaps of antioxidants to balance it out. I have a caffeine free diet but occasionally have a Green Tea and I can feel a big boost in energy from the caffeine in it.

    Also I heard a decaff version would kill some of the goodness of the tea.

    I believe you will find if you soak the tea for more than 30 seconds, tanons will bind with the caffeine which causes your body not to absorb. This is the same reason you dont get a buzz off tea.

    Sure it has caffeine. Not enough for me though.

    I can definitely attest to the fact that the caffeine levels in tea do not affect me at all, I don't get nervous or twitchy or restless and can sleep just fine after having a tea :)

    Caffeine is highly soluble in hot water, so instead of paying extra for decaf tea bags just soak the bag for 10-20 seconds, tip out the liquid and then refill for your cuppa.

    This should get rid of most of the caffeine.

    My spouse is allergic to caffeine and uses this method with no ill effects.

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