Remember The Milk For iPhone Gets Update

Remember The Milk For iPhone Gets Update

The most noticeable change is the interface. The task bar on the bottom has been moved to the left and features easier access to your various lists and daily plans. From the side bar you can swipe through tasks in a new card stack layout that makes managing all your to-dos a bit easier than the previous menus. You can also now edit multiple tasks at once, which makes it simple to postpone or delay items when things go awry. The interface overhaul alone is a big improvement, and the new gestures make for an easy and quick way to navigate your tasks.

The update is free in the iTunes App Store and brings with it a retina display update for the new iPad as well.

Remember the Milk [iTunes App Store via Remember the Milk Blog]


  • As a long time user of RTM who uses it to implement GTD, I find the new interface usaable. It pushes a due-date based organization on you and its a lot harder to navigate than the previous version. If you use a different system than Getting Things Done, you can probably live with it.

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