ProxTube Unblocks US-Only YouTube Videos For International Users

ProxTube Unblocks US-Only YouTube Videos For International Users

Firefox only: Non-US users know the pain of having services blocked from them pretty well, and YouTube is no exception. If you’re tired of stumbling on videos you can’t watch, ProxTube will fix the problem by unblocking all US-only videos for anyone to see.

ProxTube is essentially an extension that automatically routes your YouTube traffic through a proxy server in the US, so YouTube thinks you’re visiting the site from a US location. It’s not unlike our method of watching the BBC player from another country, it just automates the process for you. Just install it and start browsing YouTube.

If you give it a shot, let us know how it works for you in the comments.

ProxTube [via Reddit]


  • I’ve been using a similar service to watch all other streaming videos region locked. I can watch stuff from channel websites in the US and even the UK.. It’s… it is subscription though but the fee is nominal and its totally worth it.

  • I haven’t tested it, but be warned this might give you performance issues – services like YouTube use a global distribution network, if you trick it into thinking you’re in the US you’ll have the content delivered through US servers instead of local ones. This can lead to noticeably slower performance.

    I stopped using OpenDNS for that reason. Trailers were taking ages to download on my Apple TV, I went back to using local DNS and it’s now much speedier.

  • I signed up for a cheap VPS based in Florida. $23 per year. I installed Squid on it, set up a new user with SSH permissions to only forward a port, and enabled key-based sign-in. Then on my PC, I installed “putty”, generated a SSH key pair, copied to appropriate places on my PC and VPS, and set up a putty profile for that new user so that it will tunnel local port 3128 to the VPS port 3128.

    Now, whenever I need to pretend I’m in the USA, I run that putty profile, which logs me in and establishes the tunnel. Then I configure chrome to use localhost:3128 as my proxy. Works a treat. I should probably establish a new shortcut to chrome with a command line argument to set the proxy to make it even easier.

    The VPS I signed up with was Jolly Works Hosting. Seems fine so far, and I’ll be using it for other things too probably. (although I can’t see my exact plan on that page.)

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