Properly Freeze Your Vegetables For Cheap Year-Round Treats

Properly Freeze Your Vegetables For Cheap Year-Round Treats

Vegetables are usually incredibly cheap come spring and summer, but chances are you can’t eat an entire haul of cheap tomatoes before they go bad. Cooking blog The Kitchn has put together a simple, five-step guide to freezing those vegetables correctly so they stay tasty and last a full year.

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If you’ve ever tried to just throw a vegetable in the freezer with the hopes it would stay good for a long time you know the process is more complicated than that. You have to do a few steps beforehand. The Kitchn recommends starting with a fresh vegetables, then dumping them in boiling water for a short time. When you pull them out of the boiling water, dump them in ice water to cool them down. Finally, pack the vegetables up tightly on a tray and stuff them in a freezer. When they’re frozen you can transfer them to a plastic bag.

Seize the Season! 5 Tips for Preserving Fresh Vegetables in the Freezer [The Kitchn]


  • Been using a somewhat more complicated method for a couple of years now. My method involves steam cooking the veg till it is not quite done, although fully cooked works too, then dumping into ice water for a few minutes and portioning out into sealable sandwich bags. I put them into a dedicated freezer after squeezing out as much air as possible. They keep for months at a time. The big secret is to spin the cooked veg in a salad spinner to get as much water out as possible, because the water will turn to ice which can turn it all to mush. Broccoli, carrots, pumpkin etc. even cooked pasta. I reckon we’ve saved hundreds of dollars in wasted veg.

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